Shipping & payment conditions


When can I receive my order?

In order to provide the security of the customers shopping at the website the easiness of payment with Paypal is maintained and the control of the payment/invoice information as of your order is executed.

Therefore, in order to deliver your order, it is necessary that the trueness of payment/invoice information of your order should be approved and the e-mail regarding the approval of the e-mail should be sent to you. In case of the receipt of the order, the orders will be delivered within 3-5 work days at the latest in the territory of Germany and within 3-10 work days to abroad. (except the special request Orders)

Delays which can occur after the delivery of your order to cargo are under the responsibility of the cargo company.

Weekend Orders

The orders which are given before 01.00 pm on Friday will begin to be delivered as of Saturday. Because that the orders given after 01.00 on Friday will be executed on next Monday, it may not be delivered to you before Tuesday. There is no delivery on Sundays. 

Stock Problems

There can be delays due to the products which are not with stocks of the supplier firms. In this case you will be informed via telephone or e-mail. In order for us to reach you please fill your personal information complete.

Address Information

In order your order to be delivered to you as soon as possible please write your address information clearly. You can even write the description of your address to this part. (For ex: the second street after the post office etc.)

Payment Types
PayPal ECS

Credit Card

You can do shopping with all your Mastercard and Visa via Paypal.


The begin of delivery in the shopping that you did via transfer is not the time that you order, it is the time that the order amount is transferred to our accounts.

Credit Card Provision Faults

Your credit card may not be approved because of different At the time of your order:

The main reasons,

 1. Lack of the usable limit of your credit card,

2. Typing of the card number incorrect,

3. Expiration of the last date of use of your credit card,

4. If your card is an additional card, the cancellation of it by the main card owner.

5. Temporary connection problems at the time of approval,

6. Trying to use the card that you made the notification of lost

7. If the card you use is not a credit card but a ATM card.

 In order to receive help regarding your problems with the approval of the credit card, you should contact with the bank that you have received card.