Basia 2/S-mod/C

Igloo Igloo Refrigerated Counters Basia2 C  
.Refrigerated Counters Basia2  Igloo Refrigerated Counters are complemented by internaland external corners and check out counters, so that you can configure any sequence, adapted to the shape of the room. This makes IGLOO counters a complete equipment of the stores, as well as bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. The universality of refrigerated counters and, especially, high reliability and energy efficiency, make our counters gaining great popularity.
Refrigerated counters are the most extensive line in IGLOO equipment on offer. Adjusted with style, colors and sizes for a wide range of customers. All equipment should be used for storage and exhibition of meats, sausages, dairy products, fish and other food products that require proper cooling
in standart
remote compressorappliance suitable
 for line displaystatic coolingexternal housing
 (zinc coated plate, powder painted,
 white)ecological polyurethane
 foam insulationfront bumper -
 color selection possibledisplay area
 (stainless sheet)
 storage chamber made of stainless
 sheetback dilate door worktop –
 granite grayaluminium sections -
 colour - silver / goldcurved, high
 -movelable front glass

night blinds
red fluorescent lamp
ABS sides - colour selection possibile
adjustable legs
auto defrost
condenser outlet to container
electronic controller
with digital temperature gauge
condenser impurity or fan operation failure alarm*
  * - only with Igloo thermostat
Igloo More Products
(S) - gravity cooling
(W) - forced air cooling system
N - neutral device (non refrigerated)

Basia 2/S-mod/C
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